Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Social Animal Marketing uses the most powerful platform available for targeting the people you want to reach most and providing meaningful insights about the customers you already have.

Social Animal will setup your Facebook Ads account

Account Setup

Website Evaluation – Social Animal makes sure your website is prepared to handle a significant increase in traffic and deliver a seamless user experience.

Social Profile – we identify your brand voice and compile a list of do’s and dont’s, a valuable reference for anyone involved in your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics Integration – Social Animal ties your campaigns to Google Analytics so you can track the results.

Facebook Pixel Installation – we install a special piece of code to create dynamic audiences and monitor traffic that comes to your website.

Audience Creation – Social Animal develops targeted audiences based on data from your existing customers and an extensive set of parameters including demographics, interests, and behavior.

Monthly Administration

Targeted Campaigns – we run a variety of campaigns specifically tailored to your needs, increasing social following, website traffic, and/or online purchases.

Facebook Posts – Social Animal posts to Facebook 3x per week to ensure your organic content stays current.

Instagram Posts – we post to Instagram 3x per week with relevant hashtags.

Content Creation – Social Animal works with you to develop meaningful content that engages customers. You have the chance to approve all posts before they go live.

Monthly Reports – we provide detailed reports on engagement, traffic, and sales driven by your campaigns.

Social Animal provides monthly marketing reports
Dynamic product catalog and conversion tracking by Social Animal

A Step Further

Dynamic Product Catalog Setup – we import your entire catalog of products into Facebook Ads and setup remarketing campaigns that encourage customers to follow through on purchases they’ve already expressed interest in.

Detailed Conversion Tracking – we add snippets of code to your website and optimize your campaigns for different types of conversion events – like View Content, Add to Cart, Complete Registration, Initiate Checkout, and Purchase.

Next Steps

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